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Northeast District Bylaws




Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the North East District Council (NEDC), as organized under the authority of, and pursuant to, the provisions of Attachment A to Resolution 27709 of the Seattle City Council adopted October 27, 1987, Resolution 28115 adopted December 18, 1989, and Resolution 28948 adopted July 11, 1994.

Article II:  Purpose

Section 1. The NEDC shall provide a forum for consideration of common concerns including physical planning, budget allocations and service delivery and for the sharing of ideas for solutions to common problems.

Section 2. Neighborhood business and residential groups will continue to determine their own boundaries and will remain free to deal directly with City departments and elected officials as they have in the past.

Article III: Boundaries

The boundaries of the NEDC shall be as the map attached to these bylaws shows.

Article IV: Members

Section 1. The NEDC shall be composed of community councils and neighborhood business organizations within the District who wish to participate.

Section 2. The founding members of the NEDC are the:  Belvedere Terrace Community Council, Hawthorne Hills Community Council, Laurelhurst Community Club, Matthews Beach Community Council, Montlake Community Club, Ravenna Bryant Community Association, Roosevelt Neighborhood Association, Roosevelt Neighbors Alliance, University District Community Council, University Park Community Club, Greater University Chamber of Chamber of Commerce, View Ridge Community Club, Wedgwood Community Council.

Section 3. In subsequent times, the following organizations have become members of the NEDC:  Inverness Community Club, Inverness Park Homeowners Association, Ravenna Springs Community Council, Residents of Magnuson Park, Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce, Portage Bay Roanoke Park Community Council, Windermere Corporation and Windermere North Community Association.

Section 4. The right of organizations named in Sections 2 and 3 of Article III of these bylaws to have its representative attend and participate in meetings and to vote is inviolate and may be exercised at any time except as limited by the last paragraph of this section.

In order to set a workable quorum and to maintain a current roster of member organization representatives, on or about November 1 of each year, the existing member organizations will be sent a letter asking whether they wish to continue active NEDC membership in the following year and for the names of their representatives.  An organization may file a response at any time.  The quorum shall be set at one-half plus one of the number of

organizations that have responded.  An organization that fails to respond to the notice and has not had a representative in attendance at any of the previous four NEDC meetings may be deleted from mailings.

A member organization shall become inactive if:
a.  It has not filed a statement of intent to continue NEDC membership, and
b.  A representative of that organization has not attended at least three meetings within the last year, and
c.  The organization has ceased to hold an annual meeting of its neighborhood or constituency;

and thereby sacrifice its right to vote, make or second motions or offer amendments to the NEDC bylaws.  An organization meeting conditions a and b shall be assumed to be inactive and will be so notified.  The assumption of an inactive status will be rescinded any time the organization presents evidence of continual activity as required in c above.  In the absence of such evidence an organization seeking to return to full standing must demonstrate that it has become active and meets the NEDC membership criteria.

Section 5. A new group or organization may by written application request membership at any time.

Section 6. In order to be eligible for membership, a group must operate in accordance with democratic principles and procedures under a written constitution or bylaws providing for open and regular meetings, regular election of their governing boards by the membership, and regular election of officers. The constitution or bylaws must not permit restrictions on membership based on race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or national origin, nor may such restrictions apply in practice.

Section 7. No single business or institution, or religious organization, government agency, special interest group, political party, or action group shall be eligible for membership in the NEDC.

Section 8. The NEDC shall not speak for any neighborhood which is not a member.

Article V: Voting

Section 1. Each member organization shall have one vote and shall designate one representative and one alternate to the NEDC. The alternate shall be seated in the absence of the representative.

Section 2. Only those member organizations present may vote.

Section 3. To take a vote, a quorum must exist at that meeting. A quorum shall exist when one half plus one of the active member organizations is present and has received seven days advance notice of the meeting. A procedural or an operational vote requires a simple majority .To take an official position, amend the bylaws, or induct a new member organization shall require a two-thirds vote of the representatives at the NEDC meeting.

Article VI: Authority

The NEDC shall appoint a spokesperson for a specific issue for a specified period of time.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1. The NEDC shall hold regular monthly meetings. The regular meeting shall be on the first Thursday of the month.

Section 2. The officers of the NEDC may concur on calling a special meeting with seven days notice to the member organizations.

Section 3. All meetings shall be open to the public.

Section 4. Where unspecified in these bylaws, the rules of procedure detailed in Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall govern the meetings of the NEDC .

Article VIII: Committees

Section 1. By a procedural vote, the NEDC- may establish committees as necessary and may appoint the Chair of any committee or may defer the appointment to the committee.

Section 2. The Chair of any committee shall be a representative to the NEDC.

Section 3. Committees may be partially composed of individuals who are not representatives to the NEDC if they have special knowledge or expertise.

Section 4. In its report to the NEDC, the committee shall present both the majority and minority views.

Section 5. Publishing the actions or reports of any committee shall be at the discretion of and by vote of the NEDC.

Article IX: Officers and City Neighborhood Council Delegates

Section 1. Each officer shall be a designated representative from a member organization of the NEDC.

Section 2. In all cases the term of office shall be one year.  No person shall serve more than four consecutive terms in one office. A simple majority shall elect a Chairperson. Vice Chairperson, or alternatively Co-Chairs.

Section 3. The election process is: nominate candidates in April, hold elections in May, and take office in June.

Section 4. The Chairperson: shall preside over meetings, prepare the agendas with the assistance of the Vice Chairperson, call special meetings only with the concurrence of the other officers, coordinate the activities of the NEDC, review and approve the correspondence of the NEDC, and give regular reports on the meetings of the City Neighborhood Council. The Vice Chairperson shall serve in the absence of the Chairperson. The University District Community Service Center Coordinator or a designated representative shall record and distribute the minutes of the NEDC meetings to representatives, maintain files of all correspondence, send meeting notices to the representatives, and maintain a membership record.

Section 5. All officers are subject to removal for cause.

Article X: Amendments to the Bylaws

Section 1. Any designated representative to the NEDC may propose an amendment or a change to the Bylaws.

Section 2. All member organizations must be notified of the proposed Bylaws change at least fifteen days before the initial discussion. The proposal must be discussed at two successive meetings before a vote can be taken.

Section 3. The amendment or change to the Bylaws shall occur only after a two thirds approval vote of the NEDC and the subsequent ratification by two thirds of the member organizations.

Article XI: Reservations

Nothing in these Bylaws is intended to or shall be interpreted to delegate from the independent authority or responsibilities of any of the member organizations of the NEDC.


1)  NEDC Admission Process
The chair should bring the question of admission of a new NEDC member organization to a vote at a regular monthly meeting within three months of receipt of the application or the first meeting thereafter at which a quorum is present.

2)  Membership Eligibility
In determining whether an applicant organization meets the eligibility requirements of the NEDC bylaws, the following additional factors may be considered: 
§  History of the organization, including minutes and other documentary evidence,
§  Number of active members,
§  Specific and general objectives of the organization.

3)  Voting
To assure accountability to NEDC member organizations, the minutes should reflect the organizational affiliation of the maker of each motion and the affiliation of the person who seconded the motion.  Unless a motion is unanimous, the organizational affiliations of each group voting yes, no or abstaining should be recorded in the minutes.

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