Friday, June 7, 2013

Draft minutes of May 2013 District Council meeting

East District Council
Seattle Public Library – Capitol Hill Branch                                                                                                                                             
425 Harvard Avenue
May 13, 2013
Members  Attending:
Andrew Taylor
Alice Lanczos, Madison Park Community Council
Anita Bowers, Montlake Community Club
Elaine King, Montlake Community Club
Janis Maloney, Madison Park Business Association
John Akamatsu, Capitol Hill Community Council


Bob Derry, First Hill Streetcar Project
Victoria Beach, East Precinct Advisory Committee
Mel Burchett, Sustainable Capitol Hill
Gina Biber, The Capitol Hill Times
Don Blakeney, Capitol Hill Chamber
Mike Archambault, Central Seattle Greenways
Erin Abu-Rish, Capitol Hill Community Council
Tammy Lothy, resident
Jeff Heft, resident
Tonya Crehan, resident
Valerie Bloem, resident
Alex Brennan, Capitol Hill Housing
Michael Wells, Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce
Rob Crehan, resident

Staff: Karen Ko, Neighborhood District Coordinator
The meeting was called to order by Andrew Taylor at 5:50pm.
The minutes from the April 8th East District Council meeting were approved.
Bob Derry gave an update on the 1st Hill Street Car. The project started at Seattle Community College and has now reached Yesler and Jackson. They are     considering   accommodating bicycles. You can sign up for updates and they are on Facebook and Twitter.
Captain Ron Wilson, East District Community Police gave an update on recent crimes since the last meeting, particularly in and around Cal Anderson Park. They are increasing patrols in the park in response to complaints of drug paraphernalia in the play area.  Corbi Christenson, Park Ranger Supervisor stated that there are 5 to ten rangers for all of Seattle Parks.
Matthew York, East Precinct Police Liaison Attorney provided a follow up regarding issues raised at the last meeting. Some of the issues covered were:
Noise; there is a 65 decibel limit, chronic nuisance concerns, and limited coverage of police force, residential and business zoning conflicts.
 He also shared they are instituting night life meetings with bar owners.
Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, The EPA released their plan and there is 31 more days to respond. The coalition is not satisfied with the EPA’s Plan. It is a superfund site and major efforts are needed to reach recovery.
Karen Ko spoke about the Bridging the Gap (BTG), Large Fund and the Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund.  Applicants for both funds will be coming back to the EDC for review and ranking. The BTG Levy Oversight Committee will make final decisions for that pot of money. After the District Council submits its final ranking of Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund projects, staff review and send these on to the City Council in the fall as part of Parks’ or SDOT’s budgets for final approval.  East District Council will invite the total 6 applicants to the July Meeting.  
Alice Lanczos proposed a motion to adopt Karen’s suggested criteria when evaluating projects presented. Motion was seconded, but did not pass.  Andrew Taylor moved to allocate up to 20 minutes in discussion of each set of applicants. The motion was seconded and approved.
Janice Maloney and Andrew Taylor gave a City Neighborhood Council Report.  The group  will be hosting a Mayoral Candidate Forum in June.
Neighborhood Round Robin:
Capitol Hill Chamber: Considering building a tool library.
Planning an event called BOOM, when the red wall that has been surrounding the Light Rail construction site comes down.
On Saturday June 1st there will be a ‘clean sweep’ at Cal Anderson Park.  This is annual neighborhood clean up.  Last year close to 200 neighbors showed up.  This year, they are hoping for more! 
On June 11th they are hosting a forum regarding the large amount of development and how it will impact their neighborhood.
Madison Park:  Surveyed all their sidewalks for issues that property owners are responsible for. Sent letters to each resident noting it was a voluntary compliance.
Jim Erickson shared that KOMO wanted to know the response to Metro Route Changes.
Andrew Taylor passed out the EDC Bylaws and proposed we review them for membership criteria and other ideas.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Anita Bowers, Secretary

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