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North District Bylaws


ARTICLE 1 – Name and Purpose

1.1  Name  The name of this organization is the North District Council (Council).

1.2  Purpose  The purposes of this Council are:

  1. To empower the people in this District, collectively and through their representatives, to identify problems and seek equitable solutions, based on a sense of community trust, for the betterment of life, both in our environs and citywide.
  2. To provide a forum for consideration of common concerns to all Council members, including physical planning, budget allocations, and service delivery, and for the sharing of ideas for solutions to common problems.  The functions of the Council shall include, but not be limited to:

1)    rating and ranking the Semi-Annual Neighborhood Matching Fund applications submitted from said District;
2)    participating in the City’s budget priorities process; and
3)    participating in the City’s neighborhood planning process.

In accomplishing the Council’s purposes, the Council will seek to reflect the geographic, racial, cultural and economic characteristics of the District.

ARTICLE 2 – Boundaries

2.1   Boundaries  The District boundaries are:

NORTH:  NE 145th Street from I-5 to Lake Washington
SOUTH:  Beginning at NE 75th and Lake City Way to NE 95th, east on NE 95th to 45th NE, north on 45th NE to NE 105th, then east to Lake Washington
EAST:  Lake Washington
WEST:  I-5 Freeway and Banner Way NE

ARTICLE 3 – Membership, Dues and Decertification

3.1   Membership Classification  Membership on the Council shall be held by community and business organizations, not by individuals.  The Council shall consist of the following representatives:

a.     Organization Representatives  Any organization with membership residing within the designated boundaries of the District, with a stated purpose which reflects the values stated in Article 1.2, and which meets the requirements set forth in Article 3.2., may participate on the Council.

b.     At-Large Council Members  To be eligible for appointment as an at-large member, a person must petition the Council, in writing, with at least nine (9) signatures from residents who live within the designated District boundaries and who are not among the nine (9) members qualifying any organization for membership.  The Council, after determination that all requirements for membership are met, by majority vote, may appoint at-large members.  At-large members shall serve a one (1) year term and may be reappointed by the Council.

c.     Other Participation  All persons within or near the District boundaries, whether a resident, property owner, licensed business operator or owner or designated representative, or representative of any school, church, or other nonprofit organization, are urged to attend and participate on the Council.

3.2   Membership Eligibility  To qualify for representation on the Council, each member organization shall certify annually that it meets the following criteria:

a.     Shall have an active membership of at least nine (9) individuals and/or businesses within the designated District boundaries.  The nine (9) members shall not count toward the nine (9) of any other organization.

b.     Shall hold one (1) general membership meeting annually that is open to the public and at which elections are held.

c.     Shall commit to regular attendance at Council meetings.  (See Article 3.4)

3.3.   Dues  Neither dues nor financial contributions of any kind to the Council shall be prerequisite to membership in or participation on the Council at any level or in any aspect.

3.4.   Decertification  Upon failure of a member organization to submit the annual certification required by Article 3.2 or be represented at three (3) consecutive Council meetings in any twelve (12) month period, the Council shall notify that organization or constituency and request adequate representation for continued participation on the Council.

3.5.   Membership List  A membership list shall be maintained and published quarterly by the Neighborhood Service Center in cooperation with the Council.

ARTICLE 4 –Representatives, Officers and Committees

4.1   Representatives  Each member organization that meets the requirements set forth in Article 3.2 is entitled to one (1) representative and one (1) alternate to the Council and may select or remove, at any time, its representatives under its own established procedures.

4.2   Officers  The officers of the Council shall be a Chair and a Vice Chair, or alternatively, Co-Chairs, who shall serve on the Council as voting members during their term as elected officers.  No person shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in one (1) office.

4.3   Elections  The Council shall elect, by simple majority vote, the officers to serve on a rotating basis, for a period to be determined by the Council.

4.4   .Eligibility  All representatives of organizations and at-large members, in good standing, shall be eligible for office.

4.5   Responsibilities  The Chair shall organize the agenda, call and chair Council meetings, be the official spokesperson for the Council and appoint committees with the Council’s approval.  The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair when requested and perform the same duties of the Chair with the same restrictions in the Chair’s absence.

4.6   Removal  The Council may remove, for cause, any person elected or designated by the Council, by a simple majority vote of the Council.

4.7   Vacancies  The Council shall promptly fill any vacancy among the officers.

4.8   Committees  The Council shall appoint such committees as deemed appropriate for its purposes.  The Chair of each committee must be a representative, alternate member, or at-large member of the Council in good standing.  All district residents and business persons may serve as members of the committees.  Committees or their members shall not publicly take any position on any question in the name of the Council prior to approval by the Council.  A committee’s position is only a recommendation to the Council and shall include both majority and minority views.

ARTICLE 5 – Meetings

5.1   Accessible, Open Meetings  The Council shall meet at least nine (9) times per year.  All meetings shall be open to the public and shall be held at handicapped-accessible, public places within the District to the maximum extent feasible.  All meetings shall be held at times other than normal business hours.

5.2   Regular Meetings  The Council shall have regular monthly meetings at a time to be determined by the Council, and in accord  with Articles 5.1 and 5.3.

5.3   Joint Meetings  The Council may meet jointly with other District Councils organized under Resolution 27709 for the joint consideration of matters of common interest.  The meeting may be held in any District in accord with Article 5.1.

5.4   Special Meetings  Any Council member may call a special meeting of the Council, as needed, with the concurrence of twenty-five (25%) of the voting Council members in good standing.  Notice shall be given to all voting Council members of such meetings at least three (3) business days before the date set for the meeting.

ARTICLE 6- City Neighborhood Council Representation

6.1   Representative  The Chair shall be the representative of the Council at all City Neighborhood Council (CNC) meetings and shall have the authority to vote on behalf of the Council.  The Chair shall serve for a term to be determined by the Council.

6.2   Alternate  An alternate shall be the Vice Chair or another designee nominated by the Chair and approved by simple majority vote of the Council.  The alternate shall serve for a term to be determined by the Council.  In the event the alternate is unable to attend on behalf of the Chair, the Chair may select another alternate to attend the CNC meeting in case of an emergency.  No person shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

6.3   Responsibilities  The Chair and/or alternate shall attend CNC meetings, report to the Council, take proactive stances on activities and discussions at CNC meetings and shall receive and accept instructions whenever the Council votes to provide such instructions.

ARTICLE 7- Postion/Public Statements and Rights of Citizen

7.1   Positions/Public Statements  No position or public statement shall be taken or made on behalf of this Council by an individual Council member without the prior approval of the Council.  When appropriate, the position presented shall include both majority and minority views.

7.2   Rights of Citizen  Any person may petition the Council for action.  Petitions must be in written form.

ARTICLE 8 – Rules of Order, Voting, and Quorum/Majority

8.1   Robert’s Rules  All meetings covered by these Bylaws shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised, to the extent they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.

8.2   Consensus/Voting  The Council shall strive to reach decisions by consensus.  If consensus is not reached and a vote is required, each member organization and each at-large member in good standing shall have one (1) vote.  A duly authorized alternate may vote in place of the duly appointed representative.  There shall be no voting by proxy.  Non-member residents and business persons may not vote.

8.3   Quorum/Majority  At all meetings of the Council, a majority of member organizations and at-large members in good standing shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  It shall take a simple majority of a quorum of said Council members in good standing to pass a motion, unless otherwise stated in these Bylaws.  No action shall occur in the absence of a quorum.

ARTICLE 9 – Bylaw Adoption, Amendment and Ratification

9.1   Adoption  These Bylaws shall be deemed adopted when approved by a majority vote of duly authorized organization representatives and at-large members in good standing in attendance at a regular meeting of the Council, provided that written notice of the proposal of these Bylaws shall have been given at least one (1) week before the meeting.  Upon adoption, a set of the Bylaws and any amendments shall be promptly filed with the Department of neighborhoods.  A copy shall also be field with the District Community Service Center and be given to all member organizations an at-large members in good standing.

9.2   Ratification  The Bylaws adopted in accordance with paragraph 9.1 shall be ratified at the next regular meeting of the Council.

9.3   Amendment  After ratification of the Bylaws, any member organization and at-large member in good standing may propose an amendment to the Bylaws.  Any amendment shall be initiated by introducing a written proposal at a regular meeting of the Council.  The Bylaws may be amended at the next regular meeting of the Council by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members in good standing present and voting.  Voting may be postponed if more time for review is requested by any member organization or at-large member in good standing.

The above Bylaws were adopted on October 5, 1988, amended on March 21, 1996 and ratified on April 18, 1996 and again in December, 2009 by the North District Council.

Philip Shack, Chair, December 2, 2009

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