Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan. 14th Multifamily Zone height limits public meeting

(see Capitol Hill blog for explanation and a very vigorous discussion)

Capitol Hill Community Council Officers,

You’ve probably been in contact with Jaisri about this, but I wanted to independently reach out about the community meeting the Department of Planning & Development (DPD) is holding in January about lowrise zone building heights.  We discussed the meeting time over e-mail a few weeks ago.

The January 14th meeting is a citywide meeting to talk about the citywide issue of building height limits in Lowrise Multifamily zones. (Links to meeting info and project website are below.)  We want to hear from residents and others about how buildings built recently in lowrise zones are fitting into neighborhoods.  Capitol Hill has several areas of lowrise zoning. We’re evaluating possibilities for reducing allowable building height.

The meeting will be held on Capitol Hill at Lowell Elementary School at 6:30PM – 8:00PM. Please contact me if you want to discuss, and please pass this information on to members of your group if you would like.


Geoffrey Wentlandt  AICP, LEED AP

Senior Planner
City of Seattle
Department of Planning & Development
p. 206-684-3586

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