Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 18 District Council Meeting agenda and notes

Meeting at 6PM on Monday 11/18/13 in Cal Anderson Park Shelterhouse

Notes (from Andrew Taylor)

(Link to draft of revised bylaws)

Bryan Cohen from the Capitol Hill Seattle blog alerted me to a load of DPD project applications described as "row houses":

Today he published a blog article about row house applications. I was unable to find any definition of what a row house is on the DPD website, and asked DPD director Sugimura if she could explain them to us. She quickly replied:
Thanks for asking Andrew.  Mike Podowski said he would be able to do this meeting … he is much, much more familiar with the rowhouse regulations than I!  Thanks. 
So Mike will be at our meeting to describe what DPD means by a "row house" and what the implications might be for us.

Another DPD official will also be talking (bolding by Andrew):

Mike Podowski forwarded me your contact info and suggested I get in touch to see if you have time on the East District Council meeting agenda to discuss the pedestrian zone mapping project I am working on. This project is considering rezoning a variety of areas around the city to promote more walkable neighborhood business districts by adding a Pedestrian Zone designation to an underlying Neighborhood Commercial Zone.  A pedestrian overlay designation is intended to protect an existing pedestrian-oriented retail district, or encourage the development of such a district. In addition, we are considering adding a few additional standards in pedestrian zones, including: overhead weather projection, wider sidewalks, minimum densities and additional street-level uses.

In the East District the changes we are considering would apply to the areas with an existing pedestrian zone designation and any areas being considered for a pedestrian zone designations (see attached map). 


*Note that the timeline will be updated on the project site soon to reflect more time for the entire process.

Aly Pennucci, AICP, LEED Green Associate I Senior Planner

City of Seattle Dept of Planning & Development
206.386.9132 I

Here's a link to the LARGE map she included 

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